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Hey Denisa! Tell me about yourself

Hello world.

My name is Denisa Joanna Moraru and I am a creative humanitarian. I am somebody that advocates for the underdog and loves to shine light in dark places, because kindness is transformative. I believe that if I am not different than the majority then clearly I am doing something wrong.


chrrybmb is my design persona. :)

My current favorite design trend is NEO-BRUTALISM.

Design is rebellious by nature and I think neo-brutalism reminds us of that.


Need some work done? Please contact me. I'm more than happy to help!

where did you come from, woman?

Ah, yes. I get this question asked a lot. 

I am a first generation Romanian gal, born and raised in Georgia. Yes, I can speak it and so can my daughter. You guessed it: I am a single mom.

Nope this isn't my little sister (thanks though) :)

Although we are basically twins- this is my lil' bean.

can you tell me a little about your work experience?

Over the past decade, I've had the incredible privilege of working alongside exceptional individuals, which has been both enjoyable and enlightening. I've had the opportunity to collaborate and create designs for esteemed clients such as Delta, BCD Travel, REDKEN, Tangle Teezers, SanMar, Hyundai, and many more- whilst diving into the many industries of design. Witnessing the intricate process of design and custom graphics production has been truly rewarding.  I eagerly anticipate embarking on new horizons and expanding my skills to their fullest potential.

HYUNDAI/DELTA trade show graphics 2023

why UX design?

Having spent a decade immersed in the captivating realm of print design, I find myself standing at a crossroads, eager to embark on a new chapter of my creative journey. With a burning desire to expand my horizons and deepen my understanding of design, I am enthusiastically seeking fresh challenges and opportunities. Embracing this pivotal moment, I am committed to pushing boundaries, exploring new mediums, and honing my skills in ways that will propel my craft to new heights. The allure of growth and evolution beckons me forward, and I am wholeheartedly prepared to embrace the exhilarating path that lies ahead.

What draws me to UX design is its inherent empathy, which resonates with my core values. I derive immense satisfaction from advocating for user experience, from the iterative process of trial and error to the collaborative brainstorming sessions and deep understanding of user needs. It's a holistic journey that encompasses everything from research to design and beyond.

Remaining committed to the agile process of UX design is of utmost importance to me, as it aligns with the fundamental aspects of creation and continuous improvement.

Tell me about your  education

My journey at Georgia Gwinnett College was cut short due to the responsibilities of being a single mother at a young age. However, my determination to pursue a fulfilling career led me down a path of self-learning and professional development. While I am primarily a self-taught designer, I have recently undertaken several certification courses in UX/UI, as well as obtaining certifications in HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap, JS, and jQuery. By embracing these opportunities, I strive to remain at the forefront of the ever-evolving industry. Continuous learning is my commitment, and I intend to uphold it throughout my lifetime. No knowledge is beyond my reach; I am driven to acquire any necessary skills, confidently mastering each one as I progress.

Nice! What are some random facts about you?

Well, I am 100% a music fanatic, I enjoy indie, r&b, house, rock n' roll, funk, etc. and listen to music at all times. 

I have a 6 year old siberian husky with heterochromia.

I love painting & photography and am a fan of avant garde art.

I practice yoga & guided meditation everyday.

I sing & dance pretty much constantly. You'll get used to it.

I start my day with affirmations.

I collect healing crystals and gift them to people.

I love sci-fi & thrillers.

If you can't already tell, I love words and am an avid journaler.

I love food and cooking! 💗

I make a lot of sushi and fresh spring rolls.

Pasta from scratch. Mama mia.

I'm a beach bum and I can lay in the sun for hours completely unbothered.

I am neurodivergent and ambidextrous.

What else...  Just ask~!

about denisa j. moraru
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