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Roda Cozmetics is a full service european salon run by Rodica Cozma. From hair, make-up, massage, and facial services, Rodi can truly do it all and as been for over 20 years.

the opportunity

Rodica stays busy and continues to schedule clients through phone calls. She would like to modernize her booking options and give clients the ability to schedule their own appointments.


Since Rodica does not currently have an existing online booking platform, it is important to understand exactly how clients would like to schedule appointments. 

Would Rodi like to share her planner virtually with clients or is this too personal? Do her clients prefer to schedule their appointments on desktop or veer towards mobile use?

After some brainstorming, I decided the best way to pick their brain is by conducting some brief interviews with the owner and her clients.

the solution

After conducting user interviews with Rodi and 4 of her clients, we found that clients use less desktop and more mobile- especially when it comes to scheduling a quick appointment. This is something they could do any time, anywhere, without having to source phone numbers and make a call.

Ultimately the solution is creating an online booking platform that is mobile heavy and efficient. From the ability to prebook and cancel appointments 24 hours in advance, this could lead to a better structure for both Rodi and her clients

the process

With pen & paper in hand, I started drawing out some ideas.

From interviewing I knew that Rodi wanted to keep her aesthetic simple and easy to use. A lot of her clients are between the ages of 45-60 so keeping this in mind, I knew it is important to streamline not only the design but keep the flow minimal and straight to the point.

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